This year I’m aligning what I love to do - which also turns out to be my natural talents - with my life, work and career. In 2018, when I created my business I fell into the trap of creating a model that is like most online businesses in this age. I decided on a revenue model, and created content to get people to sign up for an email list in order to sell them into my services. This quickly became very inauthentic to me and I decided to ditch it and follow the inner calling that kept telling me to just “share my experience”. This same inner voice told me to start my blog in 2017 so I decided what’s the worst that can come from it this time.

The media that I produce and the company I have now created is an exercise in my confidence as a visionary. I envision a company that produces positive and relatable media to impact my generation and encourage them to get rid of dated beliefs and conditioning around who they are and what they are capable of in this lifetime. From videos to podcasts or books, Being Bourt is an example of me sharing my life and experiences in media form to do just that.

Here’s what i’m doing now inspired by 

Derek Sivers.

Working / Lifestyle

  • I’m writing again to build my portfolio & increase my second income stream - blogs, social media content, website copy, EVERYTHING! If you need or know of any business that is looking for a content writer send me an email to inquire more about my services

  • Introducing tithing as a method of financial health

  • Hosting a meetup to source for producers, writers, directors and filmmakers to help bring my web series idea for life - If you’re reading this and in Atlanta - join by clicking here

  • Eating balanced meals consisting of lean meats & vegetables instead of going on “diets”

  • Recouping financially from a bustling first half of the year in travel and experiences - sometimes you have to RETREAT

  • Making life decisions based on my values. This year my top values are financial independence, more purpose and more travel.

Reading / Listening