How To Boost Your Revenue with the Use of A Content Strategy

How To Boost Your Revenue with the Use of A Content Strategy

If you are familiar with the marketing industry today, then you must have come across buzz words such as inbound marketing, content marketing, branding, SEO, content strategy and the list goes on and on.

Understanding the modern marketing environment can be a daunting task since everyone — who claims to know a thing or two about marketing, is pulling you in every direction possible. Each one preaching the gospel of social media marketing or SEO or email marketing.

So you end up jumping from one failed tactic to another and after months of blogging yields no results and your posts on social media bring nothing but likes and comments as return on your investment.

This is because you haven't built the foundation of any marketing campaign — a content strategy.

Content Is King. Content Strategy Is The King Maker.

A content strategy is simply a plan on how you would produce and distribute content so as to gain leads who eventually become customers.

With a content strategy in place, content marketing becomes a profitable venture.

So how do you create a content strategy that works well for your business?

You see, there are three major steps in creating a content strategy that increases your business revenue. In this article, you will be let in on each and everyone of them.

Here are detailed instructions on how to create lead-generating content — using all four steps mentioned above — will help you take instant action today. Action that will lead to a positive turn around in your content marketing campaign.

With that being said, let's begin with...

1. Know Thy Master.

An entrepreneur is a servant.

That is the first rule of business. To erve your potential customers well, you must know them well.  

Remember that only value–driven content would get you the attention of your potential customers and to produce such content you must observe your market to see what they perceive valuable. Now, this is where many businesses get it wrong. They think they can decide what the market perceives as valuable. And so they create content that ultimately flops. One has to observe to see what the market gravitates to and use that insight when they are producing content. Only through this can a business attract a large number of qualified leads and get them through their marketing funnel. This eventually increases conversions and sales for the business.

2. Content Creation As A Service

When you have an idea of what your audience wants or needs, then you can go ahead to provide solutions to their problems. These solutions are then used to create content for your audience. To do this efficiently, you have to segment your target audience. Some of them are already buying customers while others are yet to fully understand their problems your product solves.

The type of content you create for the former will be focused on educating them on how to use the product they have bought from you. On the other hand, content created for the latter segment of your target audience will be focused on making them better qualified leads who will eventually buy your product. This way, you create value-packed content that is relevant to the different stages in the customer journey  of your target audience. Now, another factor in creating problem-solving content for your audience is the efficiency of your team of content creators.

To achieve the level of efficiency needed to create content that brings a ROI where it really matters for your business, then you need your team of content creators to be clear on what each and everyone of them is to do during the content creation process.

That way, you have a better chance at being consistent in the quality and quantity of content produced and distributed.

3. Content Management

This has to do with having a record of all the content produced by your business and then checking their performance to see what works and what doesn't. Based on your findings, you can then do more of such high performing pieces of content and cut of the flops.

When you have recorded knowledge of all content your business produces (including their performance) this could help in spotting subtle changes in the behavior of your target audience which when acted upon in the right manner, gives you a substantial edge above your competition.

After all, isn't that what we all want? To be ahead of the competition?

With these 3 major steps, you would have a formidable content strategy that brings a return on investment where it matters — your topline revenue. If this still doesn’t quite make sense or maybe you’re ready to put a solid content plan in motion let’s chat about how my services can help, click here!

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What must die in order for you to live?