What must die in order for you to live?

What must die in order for you to live?

I've been trying to get this message out for the past week but I’ve been stuck in a bubble of perfection and how I want to present it which led me to not take any action! Finally, I don’t care how I put it out but I just wanted to share it hoping it resonates with someone the same way it did for me.

Moving into the last 40 days of 2018 (whereee did the time go!) I started to set some intentions that I wanted to use to guide me through the rest of this year and into 2019. An interview on Marie Forleo’s YouTube channel called How to Set Goals with Soul really lit something up inside me. Her interview with Danielle LaPorte outlined that we normally write goals for the new year that we have no attachment to or we think we have to achieve just because ..what? Who gets stuck in the loop of writing goals just because you feel you’re supposed to have some and then end up falling flat because you are totally not committed to them on a deeper level (raises hand). Danielle outlines how to switch and craft your goals based on how you want to FEEL to give them more depth. For example, if you want to lose weight you would focus on the feeling of being confident in a cute outfit, feeling strong or even sexy! So your feelings attached to this goal will guide you in your everyday life towards it instead of blandly writing down that you want to lose weight. Get it? Check out the interview!

Now, the real reason why I started this is because when I was writing my intentions the questions that popped up into my head was “what must die in order for me to live?”. Goal-setting is great and intentions are even better, however if we don’t give up some old outdated beliefs of ourselves or what we are capable of our brains will trick us into staying comfortable. What I’m trying to say is before you set intentions or write goals - what way of living or being must die in order for you to reach the other side of what you want to bring in your life?

  • Are you still clinging to old outdated beliefs about what you can do as a career?

  • Are you still sabotaging yourself by making choices out of fear?

  • Are you still wired to pop-off or play the victim when you are met with a undesirable situation?

  • Do you really believe that love, wealth and success are available to you?

This isn’t an attack I asked myself these questions because goal-setting without unearthing some beliefs is like spraying Febreze on yesterday’s outfit. So here’s the question again: what must die in order for you to live? To live the life we have in our heads is not impossible, it takes stepping outside of yourself and observing to see if you’re that kind of person to make those kinds of things happen. If you’re not, then you adjust accordingly. Adjust meaning you set an intention and every choice you make aligns with this intention THEN you will look up and see you’ve reached your goal. Here I’ll start:

What must die in order for ME to live?

  • Clinging to the known and familiar

  • Seeking external validation

  • A mindset of scarcity and creating from separation

  • Inauthenticity aka people-pleasing

  • Unbelief in myself and ability to create lasting security by sharing my talent with the world

I want to know what’s dying for your before you make your list of goals for 2019. Follow me on Instagram to connect!

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