Current Media

Here are my first media projects that I use to further my creative expression. Generally, when ideas come to me they involve the sharing of my personal experience in hopes to reach people who may relate to what I have been through. I started my YouTube Channel because I kept a journal the year that I started my blog, which turned into my business. This was the year of intense personal transformation for me and I decided to share what I wrote in my personal journal in the form of a vlog to inspire others who may feel stuck to start journaling their thoughts and findings on the journey to creating a more creative, fulfilled life.

My podcast I created out of an idea to express that I was a “creative entrepreneur” who still worked a full-time job too. My goal with this was to share my experience and have guests on the show who are in the same position. Cubicle Chronicles is a sounding board for those who want to align their personality and interests with the corporate workplace.

Listen to some episodes or watch some of my videos and enjoy!


Courtney’s Diary

Dear Diary, why is almost everything in my life out of alignment with who I am? This diary entry talks about what I came to know as the definition of a spiritual awakening. Also, affirmations, do they work? Do you believe the words you're affirming?

How to Freelance with a Full-Time Job Podcast Episode

A sounding board for the creative millennial who often imagines what life is like beyond the 9-5 or has already taken action to secure a life filled with purpose driven, creative work. This show shares the funny and relatable nuances of cubicle life. Also given is practical advice on what to do or what NOT to do in your journey through corporate and how to not sell yourself out while succeeding. Listeners send in cultural misappropriations, random mishaps and all around weird things that have happened to them while climbing the corporate ladder yet yearning for more fulfillment.