Background on Being Bourt

Being Bourt was originally created as a blog to write lifestyle tips as well as details of my personal life that I curate to share in a unique way. I wanted to create a space where I can be myself and chronicle the nuances of adulthood in a fresh and relatable way. 

The idea of Being Bourt as a content strategy service for entrepreneurs and businesses came from me seeking to align my personality (creative, witty & quirky) with the work I do for myself and others.

My work is a reflection of who I am and being bourt is a metaphor for something much larger — to encourage your brand to be itself and unique to the market and exist to serve clients & customers who align with its true essence.

My primary area of expertise is helping my clients create and maintain a lasting content strategy for their business. I empower them to make the most of their online presence with a creatively crafted message that provides value to their target audience.

I have worked with companies big and small since 2010, and I realized that not all brands have the same content marketing needs or are even aware of the power of content marketing .

As for the name Bourt, it is a nickname given to me by  friends and I think of it as a persona that I identify with to get to the matters of my true self. This isn't to say that Courtney is a fake person, it just means that Bourt sometimes has the balls to say and be who she wants uninhibitedly.

If you want to hear more about me, or to inquire about my creative services shoot me an email at